A note from ELXNAY to you | Better Days Are Coming

New year.... new me? Um, this is kind of tough when the events of 2021 are eerily following in the same footsteps of 2020, right?!

Seriously; yes we have a new calendar year, which always makes us all feel better; 'yay a fresh start! A chance to smash the goals we didn't quite achieve the year before and setting new goals to replace the ones we ticked off our list last year' but there is no ignoring that this year is going to be... tough! 

Whilst we’ve all had to adjust to the (dare I say it) ‘new normal’ there are elements of our new lives that we’ve made peace with, yet there is still so many things we miss (EVERYDAY!) We miss our families, random store visits, meet ups with friends at the local bar and so much more!

I guess its not all doom and gloom. We've had extra time to get our hands and minds stuck into activities we'd otherwise be (wayyy!) too busy to do. From playing with the kids, afternoon walks, new hobbies.. crafting or trying our hands at making (the infamous) banana bread, we've all found some enjoyment in the little things. 
This year at ELXNAY we want to continue our adventure together with you. We’re determined to continue to curate jewellery that represents you; we are excited for what is to come within the company and in the wider world because lets face it, things can only get better!   
One of the main things that can steal our joy... is the uncertainty of what is to come next. "what will life be like after this all goes back to normal" anxiety surrounding our personal lives, our day jobs and our businesses. We are so used to planning ahead in life, taking our life year by year,  thoroughly detailing each step of our lives in our monthly/weekly planners that we are struggling with what seems to be the biggest blockage stopping us from doing what we have always done.

How about if we tried something different? S
top, pause and live life in the moment. The 'C word' will go away and things will get better; until then lets choose happiness and remember not all of this has been negative, take a magnified look into your life and find your reason to be happy! 

Our reason is our customers, for sticking with us this past year, sending gifts around the globe to loved ones; this has warmed our hearts to know that somewhere, someone has had a smile on their face because of our unique designs.

We will continue to provide high quality pieces and the amazing new designs you all admire. Taking it one step at a time enjoying the now and having hope for a better future but until then in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo, "Just keep Swimming".

With Love,

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