Summer Gift Guide

The weather has been really warm the last few days, and it has got us thinking… mmm summer! We can’t wait!

It’s heading into summer! Time seems to have gone so quick but yet so slow over the last few months, but it is now the official Summer countdown!

What better to way to get into the Summer spirit than with an amazing Summer Gift Guide.

But because a lot of people have been having a hard time recently, this gift guide is all about treating yourself and showing you gifts for yourself! Of course, all of these products are perfect presents for others, but come on, treat YOU for once.

In this guide you will see all of our top selling products that will just make summer that much more shiny!

Green Buddha Necklace


 Our gorgeous Green Buddha Necklace is one of our best sellers! And it’s not difficult to see why! This beautiful piece is perfect for adding a pop of colour into your look, summer is all about colours after all!

Not a fan of the green? Don’t worry! ELXNAY has you covered our Buddha necklace is available in a variety of colours so you are sure to find one that you love.

This colour popping, shiny necklace is a must have to spice up your summer!


Sun Ray Ring

Even the name of this amazing piece just screams SUMMER! Look at the sparkle this ring has, it is so beautiful that you probably are already obsessed with it! This high-quality piece is guaranteed to make your summer shine and glow.

Treat yourself this summer, you deserve it!!

This is an ideal purchase if you want a bit of sparkle into your style this summer. It is perfect to wear on its own or with others. Read our Styling Tips blog for more information about the best way to style our pieces!


Africa Outline Necklace

At ELXNAY we are known for our amazing country products, giving you a piece of home no matter where you are.

Summer can be a hard time to be away from your family and your home. But with our amazing country products, like the African map necklace, you will always have something to represent where you love! So you can feel more connected to your special place.

We have a wide variety of jewellery available to celebrate where you are from. Make sure to check out the full range today, and find your special gift perfect for YOU.


Sun-Kissed Earrings

Since these were launched, everyone has been going mad for them! These earrings are beautiful and again, the name just screams summer. These are the perfect pair of earrings to wear with any outfit to really spice it up. These sell FAST!! Get your hands on them today whilst you still can!


Remember to treat yourself now and again, a lot of the time we focus on putting others first but now is the perfect time to work on putting yourself first. Do things that you love, buy things that you love. Do whatever you can to make yourself feel good! After all, you deserve it.


Love ELXNAY xx

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