Using a soft lint free cloth, periodically wipe your jewellery. This will keep your jewellery looking shiny.
Store your purchases in a dark, cool and dry place within an air tight box or bag to help reduce scratching and tangling.
Try not to expose your jewellery to perfumes, lotions or any acidic liquids, as this may cause the plating to fade over time.

Our plated jewellery is water proof and will not tarnish. However, we would advise removing all jewellery while in water and avoid extreme temperatures.
Please note, plated jewellery may naturally fade over time. 
This is not a fault and can be avoided by caring for your jewellery as detailed above. 

Our jewellery is made from the highest quality materials including stainless steel coated in sterling silver, 18/14k gold. However, as in all jewellery, there is naturally occurring trace amounts of nickel present. This may cause some people to experience allergic reactions to the jewellery. However, these amounts are so low that only people who are hypersensitive may react to them.